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Request Integrates Superfluid to Streamline Web3 Invoice Payments

Request integrates Superfluid streaming to power streaming crypto invoices

Request Finance, an all-in-one finance solution for web3 businesses, has officially integrated Superfluid payments! Now, anyone can create crypto invoices that are payable with money streams.

By enabling crypto invoices to be paid using Superfluid money streams, web3 businesses can automate recurring payments like payroll  and subscriptions-without incurring gas fees - while maintaining organized and compliant records for crypto accounting purposes.

How Streaming Supercharges Crypto Invoice Payments

Streaming makes paying crypto invoices and managing payroll operations faster, cheaper, and better for the nearly 2,000 web3 teams and DAOs using the Request Finance app.

Faster Revenue

First and foremost, streaming payments simplify revenue operations for businesses and freelancers billing their clients in crypto.

Regular invoices have to be paid manually when they come due. That means that even in web3, crypto invoices typically require businesses or freelancers to wait days, if not weeks, for the payment to be made. In contrast, streaming automates paying crypto invoices in real-time, allowing businesses and freelancers to get paid faster in crypto.

Reduced Gas

Streaming payments also makes crypto payouts cheaper, as streams move tokens between wallets without consuming any gas. You only need gas when you open, edit, or close streams via an on-chain transaction. This means you can scale crypto payouts operations without increasing transaction fees as you expand!

Moreover, since money streams can transfer value in perpetuity with a single transaction approval, invoices can be kept "open" as long as you like - further reducing the number of transactions parties have to make throughout the contract period.

Composable Salaries

Web3 teams using money streams to streamline their crypto payroll operations can automatically redirect a portion of their salary payouts to investments on DeFi platforms. This allows teams getting paid in crypto to grow their crypto portfolio using automated dollar-cost averaging, staking, and more!


Whether you're receiving invoice payments or sending them, streaming your invoice payments in Request Finance is the most capital and time-efficient way for web3 teams to handle recurring crypto payments.

A Better Way to Invoice in Web3

By integrating Superfluid, Request Finance gives web3 teams another powerful way to simplify crypto invoicing and payroll operations - helping crypto-native companies save time and money so they can focus on growing their business.

To start creating streaming invoices with Request and Superfluid, check out the integration today here!

About Request Finance

Request Finance is the all in one finance operations platform for crypto treasury managers.

Since launching in 2021, it has helped to simplify and automate over $300 million in crypto payroll, expenses, and invoices for over 2,000 web3 teams and DAOs.

Enjoy a web2 experience on web3 rails when you pay - or get paid - in crypto with Request Finance.

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