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Streamline Your Web3 Apps With Superfluid Automations


It’s no secret — UX is one of the most important challenges web3 applications need to address in order to onboard the next billion users.

There are numerous factors that contribute to a valuable, user-centric product, but one of the most overlooked aspects is automation.

Automation — though rarely consciously appreciated — directly impacts the user-friendliness of a product by streamlining interactions, eliminating repetitive and complex tasks, and reducing errors.

To help web3 apps bridge the UX gap, we released 3 new automation contract templates to simplify web3 onboarding and user experience: Auto Wrap, Stream Scheduler, and Vesting Scheduler.

Enhancing Your Web3 Product With Superfluid Automation Templates

With our automation contracts, you can do everything from enabling automatic token wrapping for users to scheduling streams and vesting schedules with fixed dates & amounts.

Together, these automations can help you build incredibly fluid web3 products — making them far more accessible, useful, and sticky.

Auto Wrap

Auto Wrap is a token wrapping system that automatically wraps ERC20 tokens into Super Tokens (just-in-time) to keep your streams running removing the need for recurring manual wrapping.

This is a crucial automation, given the fact that streams are automatically closed if you don’t maintain a healthy Super Token balance (you can read more about stream solvency here). With Auto Wrap, you no longer have to worry about keeping your Super Token balance in good standing — as soon as your balance reaches a certain lower threshold, Auto Wrap activates and automatically wraps the necessary amount of tokens needed to ensure your streams remain open.

The system is designed to automatically adjust the amount of token wrapped based on your open streams, so once activated there is no need to adjust it manually if you open or close your streams. You can read more about the Auto Wrap mechanics here.

Auto Wrap is especially useful for web3 applications that stream salaries or subscriptions with Superfluid, given that most crypto companies don’t hold their assets as Super Tokens (so as to limit exposure to 3rd party protocols). By automating the manual token wrapping process with Auto Wrap, payroll admin can keep second-by-second payments flowing to their contributors without having to process tedious transactions.

Stream Scheduler

Stream Scheduler helps you schedule the automatic starting and stopping of streams.

Since Superfluid streams are perpetual by default (they flow until you run out of balance), you’d normally have to manually trigger the creation or deletion of a stream. This can be inconvenient for users with a specific start/end date in mind for their streams, especially if the exact timing of when these streams start and stop is important.

With the Stream Scheduler, you can stream tokens for a fixed duration without manually triggering a stream’s creation or deletion. This is a boon for web3 businesses and DAOs, given that it allows them to set up precise, timebound money streams for employees and contributors. You can find more info about the Stream Scheduler automation contract here.

Vesting Scheduler

Last but not least is the Vesting Scheduler, which allows you to schedule automatic token vesting in streams.

Traditional token vesting works by releasing a set amount of tokens to an individual or group over a set period of time. In addition to the technological complexity of implementing sophisticated token vesting architecture from scratch, lump-sum token distributions can lead to misaligned incentives, whereby recipients feel the need to “cash out” as soon as new tranches of tokens unlock.

By vesting tokens in money streams, you can easily set up a linear vesting schedule with (or without) a cliff while keeping all the to-be-vested tokens in your wallet or Safe.

For web3 businesses looking to implement token vesting, the Vesting Scheduler can help them get up and running quickly and allow them to reward contributors in an efficient, continual manner. Learn more about the Vesting Scheduler contract here.

Onboard the Next Generation of Web3 Users With Fluid Dapps

Our new open-source automation contracts can help web3 developers and businesses streamline their dapps, allowing users to experience the best of what web3 has to offer.

To learn more about our automation contracts and see examples of them in action, check out our docs. Moreover, all of our automation contracts are compatible with any tools that trigger web3 actions — be it Gelato or a self-hosted service. If you work for a web3 org that needs help with integrating Superfluid automations, we encourage you to book a call with our team!