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The most versatile toolkit for web3 subscriptions.


Superfluid subscriptions enable web3 services to accept recurring crypto payments, grow their user base, and seamlessly generate sustainable revenue.


Built for Web3 Builders đź’š

Superfluid Checkout Widget

Connect, Wrap & Send

Setup recurring crypto subscriptions with ease, thanks to our easy-to-use Checkout Widget

Your Subscription, Your Choice

Accept payments across all superfluid-supported tokens and networks

Stand Out From the Crowd

Customize the widget to match your product, color palette, and style.

Accept Crypto Subscriptions

Request Early-Access

Product Roadmap

  1. Checkout Widget

    • End-user experience for paying in streams
    • Selecting tokens, wrapping & auto-wrap, confirmation screens
    • Wallet and network connection
    • Transaction handling & batching
    • Fully customizable, embeddable
  2. Checkout Widget Builder

    • Builder experience for customizing a checkout’s product details, tokens, flow rates & networks
    • Configurable checkout design
    • Export configuration: product & payment details, widget configuration, to server or IPFS
  3. Checkout Link Manager

    • Consume & store JSON configurations from SF hosted server (testnet) or IPFS (mainnets)
    • Merchant experience of managing checkout links
    • Host & display Subscription Checkouts
  4. Webhooks & APIs

    • Make it easier for your apps to react to streams
    • Notifications & email support
  5. Super App Templates

    • Example contracts and factories for on-chain composability
    • Advanced streaming features (i.e., revenue splits)


Using Superfluid subscriptions for our membership dues gives us a real-time look at our finances, allowing us to easily manage cash flow and spend more time focusing on our members. The Superfluid team has been a great resource helping us build our DAO fully on-chain.
Superfluid abstracts everything related to streaming money on the blockchain. By using Superfluid and Copperx, businesses can safely and securely accept recurring billing. Streaming allows businesses to accept per-second payments, so they don’t need to worry about missed payments from users.