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Stream your airdrop over time and reward active users

Mitigate sudden price drops while rewarding value generating users and driving action at scale for your product success.

Key benefits

Mitigate sudden price drops

Retroactive, snapshot based airdrops that allow users to claim tokens in bulk often lead to bulk sales on exchanges, triggering sudden price drops that can spiral out of control. Streaming your airdrop over time reduces the risk of bulk sales.

Continuous engagement and activation

Design incentives that engage and activate your users to proactively contribute to your product success. With Airstreams you can reward present and future behaviour on top of the historical one.

Configurable and flexible rules

Airstreams logic can be customized and updated over time to match your product needs. You can reward different behaviours over time, and even keep the airdrop open ended.

See what others have to say

It was clear to us from the start that MIVA distribution to our early adopters should be via airstream instead of via one-off airdrop, fully leveraging the power of Superfluid streaming. It's a unique way to keep your users engaged over the long term and prevent early sell-offs.


What tokens are supported?

Superfluid Airstreams support all ERC20 tokens on EVM networks. You can also design your token to have native streaming capabilities, book a demo to learn more.

Can I schedule an Airstream to happen at a future date?

Yes, you can schedule the start date of your airdrop (for each recipient) and keep it open ended or set an end date in advance.

Do users need to claim the tokens?

No, Airstreams can deliver tokens directly to recipient wallets without the need to be claimed.

What networks are Airstreams supported on?

All Superfluid-supported networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis Chain, Avalanche, BSC, Celo and Base.