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Wave Pool: Superfluid Community Hackathon

The Superfluid Wave Pool is our never-ending community hackathon, where web3 builders create Superfluid-powered projects to hone their skills and compete for thousands of dollars in prizes. No signup is required, join our discord and tell us what you are building in the Wave Pool chat channel.

Join Discord and start building


In 2023, we had Livepeer, Push, Gnosis Chain, Chainlink, Safe, Gelato, Lens, Celo, Collabland, Base, G$, and PoolTogether as partners. A huge thanks to all the sponsors 💚 and congratulations to everyone who participated this year. 🎉 December, we will take a break for the holiday season. 🎄 In 2024, Wave Pool will take on another format, stay tuned. 🏄‍♂️

How to Join the Wave Pool

First, understand what Superfluid is and how to build on top of it

Check out our docs.

Come up with a project idea and start building.

Come up with a project idea and start building. 💡

Make a Devfolio page (if your project is technical)

Sign up for Devfolio and then fill out your project details 💪

Submit your work before month end

Submit your project by month-end! Within 3 days of the Wave’s closure, we’ll judge projects and announce winners 🏆

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of acceptable and unacceptable work?

Acceptable Examples

  • Integrating Superfluid with an existing protocol (Instadapp integration example)
  • A completed and published article on Superfluid concepts (Donoso example)
  • A completed and well documented example showing Superfluid integrated with Lens Protocol (Wary Lens PR example)
  • A detailed and completed written specification showing how to create tradeable tokenized salaries (NIFLOT example)
  • Improvement to one of our Docs pages or sections (propose your fixes, inquire for a Editor invite link in the bounties channel, and we’ll set you up!)
  • A video explainer on Superfluid or Superfluid dev concepts (Fugu example)
  • A new completed stream management UI feature for a Superfluid-powered project (Ricochet example)

Unacceptable Example

  • A completed project that only discusses how it will use Superfluid and does not implement anything
  • A partially completed article
  • An itemized completion that does not pertain to Superfluid but is for a Superfluid-related project
  • Ex: You make a CI/CD pipeline for your Superfluid-powered lending protocol
  • A project that does not achieve its stated purpose (Ex: I say I will make a tradeable NFT cashflow project, but my contract does not succeed in editing the flow upon transfer of the NFT)

Guidelines for Acceptable Work

  1. Pertains to Superfluid
    doesn't just use Superfluid as a side element

  2. Open source and/or shareable

  3. Completed during the Wave
    Say you complete an article during Wave #1 in September but want to submit it to Wave #2 in October - that work won't be accepted.

  4. In a state of “itemized completion”
    Your submission should be a consolidated deliverable/feature that can work as intended and can be demonstrated.

  5. Good quality
    “Good quality” is rather subjective. We know it when we see it and we will develop precedence with each Wave. As we approach the submission deadline, if there are not enough quality submissions, we would rather not reward a prize than to issue one a scrappy submission.

  6. Presentable
    An article or video is already presentable, but if you're submitting code, make sure it's documented (with a README or something) or submit it with a video explainer!

  7. New Work
    Previous Superfluid-sponsored hackathon projects or bounty submissions won't count unless you're submitting additional itemized progress after the hackathon or on the bounty.

  8. Independent Hackers Only
    If the work you're submitting is on behalf of a larger formal organization (in particular profit-seeking companies, DAO, etc.) we may reduce consideration. Note: If you complete multiple projects in the same month, it's okay to submit them in the same month. We'll consider the sum of your work when judging for prizes.

How exactly is the Wave Pool never-ending?

As soon as one Wave ends, a new Wave starts up with its own set of prizes. As a result, there is always a Wave happening for you to submit your project to. So if you can’t finish your project in time for the current Wave, don’t sweat it, we’ll see you in the next one!

When can I start working on my Wave Pool project?

You can begin work whenever you want! When you start the work doesn't matter. You could have been working on something for several months and it will still be eligible for submission to the current Wave as long as you've newly completed it.

However, if you finished the work several months ago, then you’re not allowed to wait and submit it to the current Wave. It's old work! We want to see newly completed work ✨

How are projects judged?

We judge technical projects off of video submission, code review (if applicable), and review of provided supplementary project literature. Make sure your project is well documented and presented so its easy for us to judge!

Judging usually completes within 3 business days of month-end.

How does the Pool Prize work?

Pool Prizes are for our Honorable Mentions. They’re for projects that don’t make the cut of the designated prizes (1st, 2nd, etc.) but are of good quality and deserve recognition. These projects share the Pool Prize equally. So if there are 4 Honorable Mentions and the Pool Prize is $1000, then each project has earned $250.

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