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Generate subscription revenue in seconds.

Build a best-in-class crypto subscription experience today. Maximise conversion and retention.

Customize and integrate your checkout in minutes

Start accepting crypto subscriptions in 3 easy steps. Customize your checkout widget, export it as JSON or publish it to IPFS for a hosted link, and integrate it into your platform.

Build Widget

Customize every detail


Select most convenient option


Receive payment second-by-second

Watch your revenue grow in real-time.

With a single transaction, Superfluid Subscriptions flow by the second into your wallet, reducing transaction costs and unlocking immediate capital availability.

Made for scaling

Grow your business with frictionless subscriptions.

In as little as 3 clicks, users can subscribe to your web3 product or service with money streams. Money streams flow in perpetuity, mitigating non-payment risk and reducing churn.

See it in action

Try one of our interactive demos below.

Web3 Services & APIs

Recurring payments simplified

Donations and Creators

Monetize your following

DAOs and Communities

Generate sustainable revenue

Made for your needs.

Streamlined buyer experience

Enable customers to subscribe with crypto in as few as 3 clicks

Highly customizable design

Match your checkout to your brand colors, typography, & more

Easy to integrate

Implement your Subscription Checkout starting with just a few lines of code

Simple Accounting

Easily retrieve and export granular stream data as .csv

Web3 Composability and NFT Support

Empowering Web3 with composable NFTs for interactive and evolving digital assets

Full Smart Contract Wallet Support

Supports smart contract wallets for enhanced security and direct DApp interaction

Multi-Audited Protocol

Audited by industry-leaders such as Halborn, and PeckShield

Free and Open-Source

Transparent, community-driven, and open-source protocol

Developer-friendly integration.

Start accepting subscriptions with just a few lines of code.

Simple Integration and Customisation

Superfluid Checkout can be seamlessly incorporated into your project using our React component, a straightforward web component, or even by publishing it on IPFS. Plus, you can use the Widget Builder to quickly generate configurations and test them out before going live.


Phase 1

Streaming payment widget

No-code widget configuration UI

Phase 2

Purpose-built Merchant Dashboard

Stream-gating NFTs

Stream-gated API recipes

Phase 3

Webhooks & other APIs

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