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Hypercharge your web3 project

We are helping high-potential projects built on Superfluid to launch as independent Web3 ventures.

How does it work?

Team of people building with Superfluid

We keep an eye on all projects building with Superfluid technology, paying attention to the team quality, product usefulness, market potential, and ecosystem impact.

A team coming up lots of ideas

We select the best performing teams and help them refine their product specifications and value proposition, enhance their marketing efforts, connect them to Tier 1 clients, and introduce them to value-add investors in the web3 space.

Team flowing well

No equity is taken. The program is free of charge. We might even decide to invest directly!

What do you get?

A metaverse chess piece.

Go to market strategy

Strategic advice on how to win the first 1000 users

An open metaverse box.

Product refinement

We’ll help you tune your product and improve its UX/UI

Two people shaking hands.


We’ll help you connect to both clients and investors with warm targeted introductions

A person holding a metaverse cog.

Technical guidance

Architecture overview, technical support, Superfluid documentation navigation, expert advice

A metaverse loudspeaker.

Marketing support

Help to get your product in front of the right audience and ensure an effective distribution

Frequently asked questions

What’s the goal of Superfluid Reactor?

The Superfluid Reactor program is focused on helping high-potential projects building with Superfluid Protocol to successfully launch as independent ventures. We believe that by nurturing a vibrant ecosystem, we can collectively bring Web3 closer to maturity.

How does this program benefit builders?

We support you throughout every stage of your project’s development, from technical assistance to investor intros. Guided by our experience and advice, you can build faster and better — transforming your project from a concept into a full-fledged venture.

Who should apply?

Anyone who is building an innovative project with Superfluid Protocol.

How do I apply?

Admission is limited. We accept applications based on a variety of factors, including team quality, product and market potential, and ecosystem impact. If you think your project meets these specifications, please fill out the application form.

Do you take equity?

No, Superfluid Reactor is not an accelerator program and as such does not take any equity positions in projects. This program is focused solely on providing technical and business support to nurture a robust ecosystem.

What kind of support do I get from Superfluid?

Project Refinement - We help teams refine their project’s technical specifications and unique selling points.

Technical Guidance - We provide technical support while building the product. Sometimes we also help to improve the code and make the product more secure.

Investor Pitch Support - We help teams polish their pitch deck and teach them how to present their startup’s investment opportunity to investors.

Go-To-Market Strategy - We provide advice on go-to-market strategies and make connections to potential clients and partners.

Marketing and Promotion - We help your team improve its marketing materials and promote your venture’s launch on our official channels.