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Put your payroll on autopilot in a few quick steps.

Settle employees and contributors compensation once and for all, without frictions or fees. Your tokens flow in a continuous stream to recipients, until you edit their compensation or choose to stop it.

Get started for free. No coding required.

Best for DAOs or companies

Manage your DAO or company’s treasury and payroll streams with Coinshift. Join hundreds of crypto-native companies, like ConsenSys, Messari, and Aave, that are using Coinshift to manage over $1bn in assets.

Best for peer-to-peer

Create, modify or close streams in a single interface, even if the stream was started on other applications.


Key benefits

Reduce cognitive effort of payroll management

An entire year’s payroll can be automated in 2 minutes. All you have to do is set the amount you’d like to pay your contributors every month and you’re good to go! No more monthly administrative pain.

Pay as many wallets as you want in one transaction

Pay multiple employees in a single transaction. You only have to add funds to one wallet to keep paying everyone. Only one on-chain transaction is required to open, close or edit the streams, resulting in minimal gas fees.

Retain better talent for your organization

Don’t let payroll hassles get in the way of the real work. Employees get paid by the second, and can use the funds as soon as they receive them.

See what others have to say

Superfluid’s payment streams have allowed us at Connext to manage regular payments to contractors, grantees, and salaried employees simple and crypto-native. The excellent dashboarding tools make accounting simple, and there are already composable DeFi primitives that make the streams into true money legos.
Superfluid is by far the best payroll solution in the space. GrowYourBase has been using it for months and I am still amazed at how streaming payroll has saved us enormous time in the simplest way. By using the auto top-up feature, our operations have never been smoother.

Popular Questions

Do streams have an end date?

Streams are open ended by default, they keep running until manually closed. They are designed for core contributors that are paid the same amount month over month. However, using an automation we call “Stream Scheduler” you can set an automation that can start, stop and edit streams at any future date. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to our team via the chat bubble, Discord or simply book a demo.

Does streaming require locking up tokens?

Superfluid streams don’t require to lock funds in a smart contract so you can make use of them as you please before they are streamed just in time. However, tokens need to be wrapped to be streamed with Superfluid, so we have built an “Auto Wrap” automation that let’s you keep the unwrapped token in your wallet (or even in DeFi to generate yield) and wraps them just in time to keep the streams running. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to our team via the chat bubble, Discord or simply book a demo.

Do streams consume gas while running?

No, streams move tokens between wallets without consuming any gas. You only need gas when you open, edit or close streams via an on-chain transaction, meaning you can scale payroll to as many contributors as you like without increasing the gas cost as you expand.

Can I start streams in bulk?

Yes, you can. Via the Coinshift integration you can open as many streams as you please in a single transaction. A simple interface will allow you to add multiple addresses and a specific value for each, batching all streams.

On which networks is Superfluid Protocol available?

At the moment Superfluid Protocol is available on Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche and BNB Smart Chain, and on the following tesnets: Goerli, Polygon Mumbai, and Avalanche Fuji.

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