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Set up and share custom vesting schedules in minutes

Manage your vesting schedules via a simple UI, keep vesting tokens available in your wallet, and let recipients stream their vested tokens to DeFi as they receive them.


Key benefits


Set up your vesting schedule in as little as 3-clicks, without requiring any programming knowledge. Keep track of your token vesting in real-time through our beautiful dashboard, and easily share access to the recipient view via a link.


Tokens are available in the sender’s wallet before being vested, not locked in a contract. You can generate yield in DeFi or use them until the very moment when they are vested and sent to the recipient. Receivers can spend or invest tokens as they receive them, without the need to claim.


With Superfluid vesting, you can make the most of web3 by automatically transferring vested tokens to DeFi products for liquidity provision, staking, or yield farming. They’ll keep flowing into DeFi automatically as they are vested over time.

See what others have to say

Superfluid enables us to manage vesting schedules of Stake DAO’s tokens for over 80+ contributors. With liquid tokens available in our treasury until they are transfered to each recipient, we can generate yield in DeFi. Streams are composable, allowing for automatic transfer of vested tokens to DeFi apps for recipients too. I would recommend Superfluid vesting to any company looking for a seamless and efficient way to manage their vesting schedules.
There’s no way we could have managed all of our token vesting without Superfluid. With over 70 contributors and investors receiving tokens over multi-year periods, Superfluid made it simple for us to set up and manage our vesting schedules


Do I need to have the full balance available when creating a vesting schedule?

No, the full balance is not required to start a vesting schedule. However, the sending wallet would need to have the tokens available by the time vesting cliffs are reached and to start streaming in accordance with the vesting schedule. You need to ensure enough tokens are wrapped as Super Tokens, or that Auto Wrap is set up to automatically wrap them for you. If you’d like to use Auto Wrap, please contact our team.

Where are the tokens stored before my cliff is activated?

Tokens remain with the sender until the vesting cliff is reached, at which point tokens begin vesting linearly to the recipient in a Superfluid stream.

Do I need to claim tokens that are vested?

No, once the cliff has been reached your tokens will automatically start transferring to your wallet in real-time, in accordance with your vesting schedule. You will be able to make use of those funds by transferring them to third parties or to applications as you receive them.

Can I batch-create a vesting schedule for multiple addresses

Not at the moment. You can, however, create unlimited vesting schedules from the same address, setting them up one-by-one. Luckily, this can be achieved in 3-clicks per schedule. If you need to set up vesting for more than 50 recipients, please reach out to our team via this form.

What networks is vesting supported on?

All Superfluid-supported networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis Chain, Avalanche and BSC.

What tokens are supported?

Superfluid vesting supports all ERC20 tokens.