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Introducing Superfluid Vesting, a Liquid and Composable Vesting Solution


Superfluid is proud to announce the launch of its easy-to-use, liquid, and composable vesting tool. Over the years, token vesting has played a significant role in the growth of the crypto industry. Not only does it grant contributors a stake in the success of a project, but it provides greater transparency into the token distribution process and helps align project goals – leading to a stronger and more dedicated community.

But while existing token vesting solutions have proven to be effective in many ways, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, especially as the crypto landscape continues to evolve.

We believe the frictionless, composable nature of Superfluid money streams make them a perfect fit for the token vesting experience, which is why today we’re excited to introduce the Superfluid vesting suite: a sleek, no-code vesting solution for projects that can be used to create and manage custom vesting schedules, paired with a set of open-source, permissionless, and non-custodial vesting smart contracts for developers – all built on our next-generation payment streaming technology.

5 Key Benefits of Superfluid Vesting

There are five key benefits to setting up a vesting schedule with Superfluid: simple UI, full liquidity, unrivaled composability, reduced volatility, and enhanced security.

Simple User Interface

You can set up a vesting schedule with Superfluid from our Dashboard in just 3 clicks, without any programming knowledge. All you need to do is select a recipient, set the custom parameters of your vesting schedule (e.g, total amount, vesting period, optional cliff, etc), double-check your vesting schedule in the preview window to make sure everything looks correct, and then create the schedule with a single transaction! A dynamic vesting chart allows both sender and recipient to have an immediate understanding of what the vesting schedule looks like, and what the vesting progress is to date. You can share a link to view the vesting schedule status page with the recipient, so they always have an up-to-date understanding of their vesting progress.

While this interface is available for anyone who wants to set up vesting schedules with ease, it can also serve as an example for anyone building their own interface for vesting with Superfluid streams -- more on this in a moment.

The Superfluid Dashboard vesting feature is publicly available on Goerli testnet for testing purposes, however, those looking to use Superfluid vesting on mainnets (including Ethereum) can request access here!

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Full Liquidity

Because vested tokens don’t need to be locked into a smart contract and instead remain available in the Sender’s wallet 24/7, Senders can maintain liquidity and put otherwise idle funds to work (e.g., stake funds into DeFi products and earn yield). Receivers, on the other hand, unlock immediate liquidity with fractions of tokens flowing into their wallet every second — allowing them to spend or invest tokens as they receive them.

Unrivaled Composability

With Superfluid vesting, you can make the most of web3 by seamlessly transferring vested tokens to DeFi products for liquidity provision, staking, or yield farming -- all in a single transaction.

Reduced Volatility

Since tokens vested with Superfluid are streamed every second instead of unlocked in distinct milestones, tokens are released more gradually into circulation, reducing the risk of sudden market volatility. No more market shakeup on token unlocking dates!

Enhanced Security

With Superfluid Protocol, you don’t have to lock up tokens in a smart contract, meaning vested tokens can be safely streamed from a dedicated Safe. Should the contracts themselves come under attack, all tokens will remain secure in the sender and/or recipient wallets.

No-Code Solution: Superfluid Vesting Feature

Accessible directly within our Dashboard, our no-code token vesting feature is the perfect solution for projects looking to implement linear Superfluid token vesting without having to worry about coding.

🌊 Streamlined UX: Our token vesting feature is a user-friendly, no-code solution that allows projects to set up a vesting schedule and start streaming tokens to stakeholders in as few as 3 clicks.

🗓 Granular Vesting Periods & Cliffs: Choose your vesting schedule’s start and end date, as well a wide array of vesting period options (e.g., days, weeks, months, years), with or without a cliff.

📊 Visual Overview: Thanks to a beautiful and concise UI, projects and stakeholders can easily visualize their vesting schedule’s activity (e.g., vested and unvested tokens, cliffs) at a glance. Superfluid vesting schedules are viewable within our Dashboard, and can be shared to recipients with an automatically generated link.

💵 Accounting Compliant: Token vesting data for tax purposes can be imported to most common accounting software, via our baked-in Accounting Tool or queried automatically through our Stream Accounting API.

Vesting UI.png

Customizable Solution: Superfluid Vesting Smart Contract Framework

For web3 developers interested in building or enhancing their own vesting dapps with Superfluid, we've released the Superfluid vesting smart contract framework. By using this framework in combination with a keeper like Gelato (or your own off-chain infrastructure), developers can leverage Superfluid token vesting in their custom DeFi products, taking advantage of recently added features like stream recipient control delegation, stream scheduling, and cliffs to build upon our protocol in new and exciting ways.

If you have questions about how to build with this smart contract framework, don't hesitate to reach out to our team or community on Discord!

A More Interactive, Efficient Way to Vest Tokens in Web3

Superfluid vesting expands upon the token vesting experience web3 projects and contributors have become accustomed to, allowing them to do more than passively send and receive tokens -- like maintain liquidity or stake vested tokens in real-time. We're thrilled to be empowering blockchain users with yet another way to take advantage of composable value in web3 beyond salary streamingreal-time investing, and subscriptions.

Curious to see what Superfluid vesting looks like in action? Experience how effortless it is to vest tokens every second through the Superfluid Dashboard vesting feature, or start building a custom vesting app with our Superfluid vesting framework! As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you think about vesting with Superfluid streams on Twitter or Discord, and if you'd like us to help you set up your vesting schedule or support you in building your vesting app.